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1、Vibrant Green Lawn: Using our Liquid Lawn, this grass paint max formula effectively transforms brown or yellowish lawns & turf into a lively green finish. This formula is intended for dormant, dry, or dead grass areas and dog urine spot recovery.
2、 Long-Lasting: Lawn Care Garden Spray is designed to last for months. Now, this easy-to-use formula is even more concentrated to deliver the best results and give the best value for your money.
3、Gentle Solution: Our Lawn Care Garden Spray is made of non-irritating, and non-corrosive ingredients, safe around people, pets, the environment, and machinery.
4、Ultra-fast Application: No mixing and measuring required! Our Liquid Lawn is easy to use. Just shake and spray. Spray a few times on damaged dry spots and repeat as needed to achieve the desired color.
5、Liquid Grass Feed: In addition to instant greening, Liquid Lawn provides a booster feed for your grass, meaning you can have a healthy green lawn no matter the time of year.
Green Grass Spray restores a green look to your shrubs. This professional-grade brown spot concealer is easy to use and fast drying. Cover up ugly brown spots on your lawn caused by pet urine and dead or dying foliage on your shrubs or hedges.
Name: Instant Green Lawn
Capacity: 59ml
Packing List:
Instant Green Lawn*1

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