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The ultrasonic cleaner is a powerful and versatile cleaning tool that uses high frequency sound waves to remove dirt and grime from a wide range of items. With its eco-friendly and cost-effective design, this cleaner provides a convenient all-in-one solution for all your cleaning needs. Using only water and a mild detergent solution, this ultrasonic cleaner is a more eco-friendly option compared to traditional cleaning methods that often rely on harsh chemicals. It also requires less water and energy, making it a greener choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

How to use!

1. Fill up with water and add a touch of cleaning agent to make super effective.

2. Place the lid on top and turn it on! Leave for five minutes only!

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Do you have questions? We have answers!

The frequency of refilling depends on usage and the size of the water tank. On average, our raindrop humidifier can operate for a full day before needing a refill. For your convenience, the water tank is easy to access and refill.

No, our raindrop humidifier operates with minimal noise, making it suitable for use in bedrooms and other quiet spaces. You can enjoy the benefits of optimal humidity without any disruptive sounds affecting your sleep or daily activities.

We take pride and care in our shipping. Our shipping time is as fast as 3 days Worldwide! No longer than 10! depending on your choice at checkout!

Yes, our raindrop humidifier is designed with a compartment for essential oils. Add a few drops to infuse your space with your favourite scents. This feature enhances the overall ambiance, providing a personalized and aromatic experience.

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